Learn when simple back pain can hide a serious problem

That uncomfortable back, sometimes light, that even passes with a medicine here, a compress there, can hide a worrisome picture. The pain in this region, which includes neck, shoulders, spine and lumbar, is already a case of global public health. According to two Australian research published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases in March, the world’s leading cause of disability is low back pain. They also take the blame for most of the disability diagnoses that drive them away from their professional environment.

Lazy generation

In the last decades, we diminish the daily movements, which strengthen and lengthen the musculature. And when we move, it’s usually wrong. Among the factors responsible for this are a sedentary lifestyle, obesity and poor posture – reinforced by the habit of keeping your eyes on the smartphone, forcing your neck down, and the laptop on your lap. They also contribute to furniture and work equipment, which leave to be desired in ergonomics, and stress, which stresses the muscles until it stops everything.

Smoking also damages the back. Scientists say that toxic substances associated with cigarettes disrupt the irritation of the muscles and weaken them, which can result in pain.

Dangerous combinations

In the particular case of women, some of their characteristics are associated with bad habits. The lordosis, for example, accentuation of the natural curvature at the end of the spine, is typical of the female anatomy. Excessive curvature, along with incorrect posture, leads to low back pain.

The double high heels and the heavy purse is the nightmare of the column specialists who treat the female audience. The jump causes the shortening of the muscles of the back of the legs and pressure in the lumbar. The pouch may compress vertebrae and deflect the spine. Women are also more susceptible to weight gain and osteoporosis, which directly affects the spine. But while fat loss and bone strengthening are essential to them, care must be taken with impact activities.

A study revealed that back pain affects women more, reaching 49.5% of them compared to 39.3% of men. Among all the participants in the analysis, 70% had lumbar pain, and 30% had cervical pain, proving that impact sports can aggravate spinal problems. The study also noted that, in general, overweight women have a 50% greater risk than men for developing pain in the region.

They should also pay attention to another complicator: fibromyalgia, a syndrome that causes constant pains in the body for extended periods of time, reaching them mainly in the 20 and 50 years. According to the neurosurgeon Elias, if there is already a problematic picture in the back, the syndrome intensifies the pain.

Do not expect to get worse

No one should imagine that you have to endure back pain forever, fooling yourself in times of crisis with a muscle relaxant. It is negligence that leads to disability. “It is not any pain that leaves the individual incapable. However, mild pain that is not diagnosed correctly can mask a serious illness such as tumors, fractures, inflammation, infections and neurological disorders, “says the rheumatologist Nature. Already in the case of the dreaded disk hernias, it is different. “Some people live with them without feeling anything their whole life.” Contrary to what many people think, they do not always require surgery.

Differentiating chronic pain from acute pain is important. It is considered constant that exceeds three weeks, even if slight intensity. Acute does not pass this time but causes great suffering, is never light and requires immediate care. In both cases, medical evaluation is needed to know if rest and remedies are enough or if the more detailed investigation is indicated.

When surgery is needed, the interventions are noninvasive, and the recovery time, which lasted for months, fell to about three weeks. However, there are no major advances in the area today. What predominatesabout the treatments are already consecrated resources such as physiotherapy, global postural reeducation (RPG), acupuncture, hydrotherapy and specific medications.

To reverse the conclusion of Australian studies, which reflect a worldwide trend, prevention is the way. Changing people’s behavior is urgent. It’s not just about health. It is also a social issue, which affects personal and works relationships.

Care such as keeping the spine upright, not overloading the joints, choosing well mattresses and pillows, switching the use of high heels with lowinsoles and dividing the weight that goes in the bag into another bag are simple measures that make a huge difference. Add to the list to quit smoking.

Experts recommend activities such as swimming, water aerobics, yoga, pilates, and bodybuilding, which combine strength and stretching exercises. Thus, the abdominal and back muscles are firm and support the posture. Impact sports can only be practiced with medical approval.Pilates and bodybuilding, which combine strength and stretching exercises. Thus, the abdominal and back muscles are firm and support the posture. Impact sports can only be practiced with medical approval.  Learn more: DermaClub features four benefits of Pilates for your body! Sponsored

Disability is the extreme picture, of course, but constant and moderate pain already does significant damage: it affects sleep, mood, and gains emotional and physical dimensions that disrupt relationships. Not even depression is ruled out as a consequence. Preserving the health of the back, therefore, enters the list of transformations that prioritize the quality of life.

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Construction Sites May Be Subject To Pre-Start Health And Safety Reviews

On a constructions site, in order to ensure a certain standard is upheld and to prevent hazardous conditions an inspection of construction equipment takes place prior to the start of construction. In some locations pre-start health and safety reviews are becoming more regulated. Compliance has become more and more demanding for new construction.

There is always the chance of injury and possibly loss of life on the location of any construction site. It may be true that most workers accept this as part of the everyday occupational hazard of a construction job. However, site supervisors and construction project managers are required to order and pass an inspection to diligently verify that the equipment used is up to a particular standard of safety.

The required inspection cannot be performed by a random worker simply by dint of experience or hard work. A qualified engineer or engineering company is deemed the level of expertise necessary to be sure that a site and its equipment meet certain conditions.

The inspection is called a review and that is just what it is. Based on the laws and compliancy prerequisites of a given state or local government, equipment that does not meet the conditions of safety must be repaired to fit what is deemed necessary. Under some regulations faulty equipment must be removed from the site or replaced. This can happen all the time on construction sites all over North America.

So far, there is not one standard for all building sites across the spectrum of locations worldwide. Every year more and more jurisdictions are upgrading their standards to ensure possibly better conditions. These higher standards are saving lives on a regular basis.

New construction and change order paperwork will likely be very effected by pre-start health and safety reviews. Failure to follow local guidelines can be costly. Indeed, a construction can be cited with a fine, run the risk of receiving tickets and may be forced to halt the job altogether. Every job site should be in compliance with any notices they are given to get their equipment up to a good level of safety. When work is brought to a stop, so is the workers pay.

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Health and Safety Training to Reduce Workplace Injuries

Think of Health and Safety in a workplace situation and one’s thoughts would most typically focus upon a building site, or some other situation in which danger is commonplace in some respects obvious.

Some jobs are simply risky by nature and yet need still to be performed. Police, fire and ambulance crews take a substantial risk each time they speed through the traffic towards the scene of an incident. Firemen enter burning buildings to save lives, sometimes risking their own. Lifeboat crews venture out in often treacherous waters to rescue people who may have become stranded at sea. In these situations an element of danger comes as part and parcel of the job.

And yet nobody should ever be exposed to more risk than is absolutely necessary.

What are probably less evident are the potential dangers that are present in almost any area of working life. Search the Internet and there are stories aplenty about people in what are ostensibly the most harmless and sedentary jobs sustaining the most unlikely injuries. Waiting staff scolding themselves whilst carrying cups of hot tea, gardeners losing concentration chopping off their toes with the lawnmower, business people walking headlong into sparkling glass doors or windows whilst pursuing a “deal” on their mobiles.

There will always be freak accidents of this kind in any walk of life, but it is a good idea nevertheless to take sensible precautions to minimise the chances of them occurring.

Health and Safety of course is about more than simply preventing accidents. In many jobs workers have suffered long-term illness or injury as a result of unsatisfactory working conditions and lack of basic protection. Asbestosis is a particularly awful example, whilst on a less deadly but still very serious level employees using computers and keyboards over prolonged periods have suffered eye damage, repeated headaches and loss of motion in the hands.

Anyone running a business that employs people will want to reduce the risk of injury to one’s employees as much as is at all possible, both from a basic sense of responsibility and, of course, to minimise lost work time as well as the threat of legal action and compensation claims.

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